Wednesday, July 18th 2001
A visit to "Canada's Wonder Land", the ultimate rollercoaster fun !!

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For us, as thrill seeker fans, a vacation without visiting a rollercoaster park would not be complete.... We were so lucky to have this Canadian prime rollercoaster park in the neighborhood. This great park features 9 totally different rollercoasters. From the traditional wooden constructions till very high tech, high speed, thrilling dazzling rides with multiple loopings, cork screws etc. The most bizarre one, I found, was the one where, in stead of sitting in a car, we were standing up right !! (see also picture below). Another nice design was the so called "BAT". A symmetric design were the cars are towed up a ramp and let loose for a ride ending at a similar ramp, where after the whole ride starts again, but now BACKWARDS ! We sure had our day here....rolban2.jpg (16466 bytes)

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Beside the many rollercoasters, the park offered also traditional "wet" rides. If we thought that we did not get wet enough yesterday at the Niagara Falls, we for sure have our portion now, hehehe...


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Mmmhhh, not too clear on the picture, but as Paramount Film is actually sponsoring this park, you will find lots of shows, like this nice stunt show / demonstration of high diving. During the show, Suzan suggested, why are those people not diving at the Olympic games or something like that? They were really GOOD. At the end when every one was introduced, we found out, that most of them already were.... So high quality, but I couldn't get off my mind, that after doing top sport, you should end up here, entertaining tourists??? .......





At the next pictures, you can see the crazy ride were you stand up right. Not to mention, that during the looping, your feet get quite "heavy" The huge tower is a so called shot and drop. The "drop" is over 60 meters and feels like it never stops. Only for the strong stomach......canjul1903.jpg (8499 bytes)canjul1905.jpg (13329 bytes)










Tomorrow we will leave Toronto and head for Pembroke. A smaller city close to the famous Algonquin Provincial Park for some serious Canadian Wilderness and riverrafting !

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