Friday, July 20th 2001
A Day at the OWL White Water Rafting at the Ottawa River

The Ottawa river was shaped roughly 12000 years ago after the last great Ice Age. This area was covered with 3 km thick glacier ice. Today we did not see a lot back of that in terms of temperature.... We had sunny weather and over 30 degrees. However, the shape of the landscape caused by this and the river are wonderfully beautiful !! For obvious reasons we have no pictures from the rafting itself, but believe me, it was great! We experienced many fast "rapids" with high waves followed by beautiful quiet waters (so called "Eddies" ??) Very friendly and knowledgeable guides, who could tell a lot about the river and nature around. We had plenty opportunity to swim and "bodysurf" in the river in between the rapids, which had great names by the way. What would you think of "Greyhound Bus Eater" ??? The waves were sure large enough.... After 4 hours on the river, we were picked up by Pontoon boats, which brought us back to the camp. During this relaxing 45 min tour, we had an on board barbecue !! nice way to end a great day in and on the water....

Below are e few pictures of us, finally getting in the real summer and water sports mood.......

and warmed up for the real work !

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