Wednesday, July 25th 2001
The Ottawa Canadian Museum for Science and Technology

No BIG deal today. I wanted to have a relatively quiet day.... So I liked to make a visit to one of my most favorite kind of museums; science and technology. Well, Ottawa is well equipped with this kind of entertainment... The museum was even very close to our hotel, so after a good breakfast, Erik and I spent almost all afternoon in this interesting exposition (Suzan stayed "home" to do shopping...). For me as a fanatic hobbyist/fan of "older" technology like tube equipment, this was just right.... I realize that for most of the readers, this is not that interesting, so I will only give little comments of the things which most impressed me.....

canjul2602.jpg (13119 bytes)canjul2603.jpg (16295 bytes)

Left: I was surprised by the HUGE size of the locomotives... Right: a Canadian communication satellite

canjul2604.jpg (12600 bytes)canjul2605.jpg (19467 bytes)

Left: an automatic Telegraph decoder used with the first Trans Atlantic telegraph cable. Right: one of the first switchboards

canjul2606.jpg (10407 bytes)canjul2607.jpg (15484 bytes)

Left: Huge amplifier tube for the long distance telegraph Right: 2mx2mx2m short wave tube transmitter

canjul2608.jpg (13772 bytes)canjul2609.jpg (10699 bytes)

Left: Old DIY tube radio Right: on of the first "videorecorders"

So, this was Ottawa I suppose....Tomorrow we will head for Montreal.....

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