Thursday, July 26th 2001
On the road again to Montreal and the visit to "Upper Canada Village"

The trip from Ottawa to Montreal is not that long, so during breakfast we decided to make a little detour and visit "Upper Canada Village", an open air museum, representing rural life in 1860. What a decision! this is really one of the best stops we made. This open air museum is not only very realistically set up, but is being "run" by many many volunteers who let come this little village truly to life. Our little detour lasted till the park closed..... Lucky enough Montreal was not that far away, hehehe.

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As said, you really travel back in time and the people "living" in the village were friendly and always willing to give more background

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We were "specially" invited to see baker "Kees", a Dutch guy moved to Canada 33 years ago. His Dutch was surprisingly good....

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At the school we got some interesting lessons taught, specially discipline form the 19th century, boys at the left, girls at the right....

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The history of Upper Canada Village is quite interesting. This Museum lies actually close to the River. Some 40 years ago a Dam was built for power purposes and part of some existing towns were to be flooded. It was decided to build this museum and use selected original buildings. They were carefully dismantled for reconstruction, or even better, completely moved like this church !!!

Wow ! what a job !

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Final impression of this great visit, made possible by some great people !!

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And now moving on to the French part of Canada: Montreal, Quebec........


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