Saturday, July 28th 2001
Another rollercoasterpark and BIG Fireworks !!

Pffffffff, what a day..... We picked by accident the last day of a series of fireworks being presented at the "La Ronde" entertainment park. Actually we went for the park itself, but it turned out that most visitors came for the fireworks that evening! Result: you could walk on the heads and long waiting lines for the rides. Normally we leave on day like that and just "take the loss", but we decided to stay for the fireworks; "It must be something special" we thought with all these people; even the mare of Montreal was opening the event and many VIP's were present. Well this was the best decision this day (and may be from the whole vacation). The fireworks were a composition of mondial national songs and synchrone launched fireworks. This continued for an astonishing 30 minutes, rocket after rocket after rocket..... The "finale" was spectacular! Wow, this was worth waiting and spending a day in an overcrowded and not so spectacular rollercoaster park....


canjul2901.jpg (13005 bytes)

already lines at the ticket sales of "la Ronde"

canjul2902.jpg (16755 bytes) canjul2903.jpg (19067 bytes)

This rollercoaster was really worth waiting, old fashioned wooden speed!

canjul2904.jpg (15403 bytes)

And with a nice view at the top at the bridge and skyline of Montreal

canjul2905.jpg (15496 bytes)

We tried to fill the day with another boring diving show.....


canjul2907.jpg (18834 bytes) canjul2908.jpg (13882 bytes)

or with hitting the .... uhhhhh hit what? How do you call those things? The price was nice; another hammer where Erik and Suzan are still having a lot of fun (except for me, when the hammering escalates again....)

canjul2909.jpg (17276 bytes)

This brutal snake was also worth waiting....

canjul2910.jpg (12454 bytes) canjul2911.jpg (18676 bytes)

A small impression of the fireworks, 30 minutes continuous skies like this. Amazing, breathtaking and thanks to the music with loads of emotion. This caused real goosepimples......

Tomorrow we will only drive to Quebec and do nothing, after all this is vacation, eh?


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