Monday, July 30st 2001
A wonderful walk through the old center of Quebec City

I was told, that if Americans (or Canadians) have no time or money to travel to Europe, they take a long weekend or so to Quebec City. We now know why. This oldest Canadian city has all the elements of a town in the south of France..... The brick houses, small streets, many little restaurants and terraces. Quebec City has as only city on the American Continent a real city wall and fortress! The need to speak French becomes quit relevant here. This is really the heart of the French speaking area in Canada. My French is not so good, but most of the time better than the English of most "French". But what a great atmosphere and not busy at all. The old city center is quite small, so easy to do by foot. Just enjoy this city with us below.........

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Small squares with fountains, small, smaller, smallest streets.....

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Plenty of terraces, and historic objects (statue of King Louis XIV)

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Quebec once was one of the most important harbors in Canada. Is this church still witnessing that time?

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There comes no end on the little scenic streets.....

canjul3109.jpg (19528 bytes) canjul3110.jpg (16304 bytes)

Left: one of the many "artist" streets. At the right the city castle which is now a hotel (!) I have not checked room availability......

canjul3111.jpg (17407 bytes) canjul3112.jpg (15801 bytes)

Among the St Laurent River, you can make wonderful walks with great views. (at the right the hotel again)

canjul3113.jpg (6065 bytes) canjul3114.jpg (20759 bytes)

The French general who settled Quebec, one of the great first pioneers. Also lot of street artists. This time with acting dogs...

canjul3115.jpg (20435 bytes) canjul3116.jpg (16237 bytes)

More streets, more atmosphere and a very realistic wall painting !


Tomorrow, we will head further north, for our wale watching adventure.....

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