Tuesday, July 31st 2001
Moving North to Point au Pic and visit the Montmorency Park

The next stop is planned in La Malbaie, Pont au Pic. A scenic little village at the banks of the St. Lawrence River. From Quebec City only 140km or so. Therefore we had enough time to do something else on our way north. This time it was very simple. Only 2km from our hotel, a famous park is located: Montmorency Park. This park has one of the highest falls in Canada. The water comes down 83 meter and the bottom there is a constant rainbow !

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With the cablecar you are brought from the visitor center to the top of the falls, where the Montmorency Manoir is. This house is now a restaurant, but used to be the residence of the Duke of Kent. Well, he sure picked a nice location to live !!

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From there you can do a "roundtour" around the falls over small bridges and finally down again over long wooden stairs. Very convenient that you only have to do the stairs down way......

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Nice view on the St. Lawrence river. Already here the river is extremely wide, just watch the bridge crossing to the Island of Orleans (oh, this means there is even more river behind it...)

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Suzan wanted to play daredevil today and spent some time making a thrillride across the canyon......

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some nice views from the stairways leading back to the visitor center

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Again the journey through the Canadian country site was a great pleasure.... It is really fun to drive around here.

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Later that day we arrived in Point au Pic. As there was not much to do, we did some putting training.... Not particularity a lively town, but the views on the river, which is almost a km wide here, is fantastic. I am not sure you can still call this a river, the water is already salty and there is tide movement.

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Tomorrow we will have to get up early to be in time in St. Catherine Bay, 70km north to board for the Wale watching...


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