Thursday, August 1st 2002
Crossing the sea to Greek mainland: Port Plataria

This night, I woke up suddenly round 4:00. What a noise!! The boat was rocking like Elvis and it sounded like the anchor got loose!! What happened? I looked outside and got wind force 8-9 in my face, just above our heads a furious thunderstorm just passed by. Lightning struck all around us and I was glad we were surrounded by non conductive materials... Any way, after rain comes sunshine, so the next morning was just ok. But a bit frightening it sure was !

After a nice breakfast, prepared by Suzan, we crossed the sea to the Greek mainland, heading for a small marina, port Plataria. As you can see we started with low wind force, so time to get towed in the dingy.....

But than, just in time, wind picked up and we had some good sailing to the port Plataria.

This port was brand-new, construction was still being done, so actually no water, no mains, no nothing. But still very pretty, as you can see from the pictures below .............

Tomorrow, we will move on to the BBQ bay, where the sailing organization will organize a beach barbecue. Lets see ! !! .... Just check tomorrow again !!

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