Friday, August 2nd 2002
Moving on to the "Barbecue Bay"

After we prepared breakfast again at the boat (the restaurants at the marina's do not serve a nice breakfast, or it is outraging expensive...) we moved on to the bay where the barbecue was to be held.

Well..... this time no complaints on the wind !!! Wind force 5-6 made us surf through the waves. Very spectacular and big fun!

After a few hours of GREAT sailing ( I must say: this friendship sails superb, a warm knife through the butter!!) we found a spot right at the beach shore, so we spent some time swimming around the boats.

8:00 o clock sharp, the BBQ was calling. We all gathered at the beach and had a nice party till late that evening, enjoying the freshly grilled meat and home made salads....


The 3 pictures above are just painting the relaxing atmosphere, if you have a beach for your self......

Tomorrow, we will head north to another small marina, Port Sayiadha. Still at the Greek mainland and famous for its shrimps and fresh fish. Good for Erik and Suzan; I will take pizza probably, hahaha !!! ...... Just check tomorrow again !!

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