Monday, August 5th 2002
Leaving the boat, checking in for our last stay, Sun Motel Calimera in Ermones

Early birds this morning, packed our bags together, cleared the boat and started a "tourist" route to our Hotel on Ermones Beach. "Tourist", as we had no clue how to drive there..... Good that Corfu is not that huge, so after a few times asking around we finally found the hotel.......

Above a nice last view over the "Gouvia Marina"
Below a cool dip in our air-conditioned room. Not bad after a week living in an incredible warm sailingboat cabin !!

The nice view from our room over the "Ermones bay"
This is supposed to be the legendary beach where Odysseus came ashore his ship was wrecked. Most Historians now accept that "Sheria" or "land of the Phaeacians" of Homers Odyssey is Corfu) The small beach is shaped by a small river called Ropa, which has cut its way through the cliffs.

Today we decided to stay at the Hotel complex. No real punishment with the nice features of Calimera Sun Motel !!


The hotel is built at the cliffs of the Ermones Bay. To avoid to much sweating, climbing the stairs back to the bungalows, a lift is provided by the hotel management....

Tomorrow, we will start making tours around the island. Not decided where, but it will be probably North to the beautiful sand stone coast or the Pantocrator mountain....... Just check tomorrow again !!

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