Friday, August 9th 2002
Last day's activities

On our last day we were not planning any trips (not that much to do on Corfu...) so this was perceived as a perfect moment to (finally) take our windsurfing lessons. When we showed up, there was made a small mistake.... Only one one place was reserved. AAARRGGGGHHHHH........ I will have to wait till my next vacation, I guess. I left Erik for the day and decided to go for a small ride. Suzan already decided to stay at the pool any way that day, so we were all solo, hahaha !

Uhhh, this picture has of course nothing to do with the above, but I wanted to show our night view from our balcony. Although the Hotel atmosphere is one of mass tourism, our private quarters are 100% ok and very peaceful, I must admit......

No spectacular pictures today, just some snapshots of my small tour. Went to Agios Georgiou Beach for swimming and lying in the sun for a to me personal record of aprox 1 hour..... A nice sandy beach, not very crowded, very little # of tourists and a nice ride through the countryside to arrive there. (see below)

I just can't get enough from the nice panoramic views when touring through the mountains. On the mountain tops, always nice taverns seems to be on hand for an enjoyable lunch. Which means for me, nice meal, great views and a relaxing atmosphere.... mmmhhhhh......


Back at our beach, I was still in time to catch Erik, who already learned how to windsurf...... How on earth should I catch up with him now?

Tomorrow, we will be traveling back home. To be honest? No problem, like to be at home again as well !!

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