Saturday, July 27th 2002
Arrival at Corfu, first impressions

Today we used most day traveling.... Yesterday got a call from Lufthansa, "Sorry Sir, your flight has been rescheduled, you are now flying via Hamburg". It is ok to have miles and more tickets and fly with Condor, but it is not easy if you are shuffled around just like that. Any way, we used the opportunity to relax a bit and have some breakfast and lunch at the the Lufthansa launches.....



We left Germany in the knowledge that the weather would be great: sunshine and 30 degrees. This normally means that the southern part of Europe is not that good............  We couldn't be more right, EXACTLY over the Corfu area a low pressure area was causing heavy thunderstorms and rain.....

As we arrived it just ended (lucky we were for a change...) so we enjoyed some sun at our hotel. The above pictures are showing the marvelous view from our Hotel room, which was making up 200% !!!  :-)   

We made a first stroll through the city and enjoyed diner at one of the many terraces..... No pictures of Corfu Town. I preferred to wait till a bit sun returned. So tomorrow more !!


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