Monday, July 29th 2002
Visit to Kanoni and travel to Gouvia to get on board of our Sailing boat

As we had a "travel day" we need to kill some time (you know, checking out at 12:00 and not being able to arrive before 15:00 some where else...) No big deal. Next to the airport and at the original location Corfu town more or less started, there is the half-island "Kanoni". Here you can visit the "Icon" of Corfu: the Vlacherna Monastery of Panayia. You will find this picture on almost EVERY Corfu guide or postcard. I was here 22 years ago and although the monastery itself did not change much, I did found a souvenir shop inside and no one complained on uncovered shoulders (??) I remember we were "chased away" not respecting the monastery at that time :-) .Probably is the Euro the only language they understand today......

Any way, this is the kind of scenery you expect from a Greek Island, don't you agree ?? The regular reader of this side will notice the change in weather ?? YES!! Finally some sunshine !!

We tried to take the boat back, but for today it was out of order. These days you flight, don't you?

We enjoyed the plains arriving and starting at/from Corfu airport, just some tenth of meters above our heads !! Who cares about security here ??

After some nice drinks and marvelous views, we went back to the Corfu Palace, where we checked the pool for the first time these days....

At 15:30 we arrive at Gouvia Marina where we checked in our Friendhip 33 named the "Zeehond" (Seagull). Unpacked, get aquinted with the ship,did shopping for 7 days and had a nice Greek diner at some "tavern"

Tomorrow, we will start our sailing adventure, probably direction north, to the impressive rocky costs of Corfu.  Just check tomorrow again !!

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