Tuesday, July 30st 2002
First day sailing, instructions and trip to Stefanos

After our first night on the Friendhip 33, we started the day with an instruction course for all the new arrived participants of the flottielje, follwed by the briefing for the first harbor to sail to. Today would be Stefanos. A (very) small town at the north of Corfu, where we would need to anchor. The group is quite large; 19 boats. Last time, I was with 4 boats..... Ok, 4 is very little, but 19 is quite a lot eh? Just imagine all the 19 boats needing to anchor in one of those little corners.... Any way, we decided to join the group also with diner, which is due after writing this. I guess it will be big fun !!

At the left, you see me, working on the WEB Site yesterday evening. A nice relaxing ,moment at the end of the day. At the right we just leave for the instruction on how to maneuver in the marina back-ways and anchor with 2 lines. I had 14 people on our boat....

After all the instructions we left and had a short trip going for the wind. Low winds, so very unspectuaculair. I had hoped to have some stronger winds. May be tomorrow..... At least we had time to take our time and relax as we went slowly forward....

The Stefano "harbor" is very small, but very nice atmosphere. We just enjoyed the sun, the water, the relaxing atmosphere and all the other boats coming in, trying to anchor with two lines    ;-)


At the left is the skipper couple, Piet and Marijke. They are setting the travel schemes, arranging the restaurants, play information desk etc etc etc . At the right Erik is exploring the surroundings with the 2-horspowered dingy

Tomorrow, we have no clue where we will go. Probably where the wind will bring us, if any...... Just check tomorrow again !!

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