Wednesday, July 31st 2002
Good day sailing to Petreti and all kinds of weather

We have still not get rid of this low pressure area. At least we found out this morning... Heavy rains disabling a nice breakfast on the beach. We also missed the briefing !!  Ahem, we thought it was postponed till the rain had stopped.   Wrong! There were actually brave people going through the thunderstorm to the shore in their little rowing boats to join the  briefing. We just asked afterwards where we were heading for today. Petreti, a extremely small place at the south of Corfu. A little harbor where we preferred to anchor again.

Any way, as we left later that morning we had plenty of sunshine..........


Followed by NO wind at all in the first half hour or so. But than after a HUGE shower, wind picked up and we had great sailing for hours on a row. So our day was saved !!!

Close to 7:00 PM we arrived at Petreti, where we enjoyed the very scenic views and a marvelous sunset......... S&E went on shore to take a shower. I stayed at the boat. I don't mind taking the shower on deck from the black plastic containers, where water is warmed up during the day. Nice as well and you know what you get, hahaha !

As I write this, we just returned from diner at the beach, great evening and guess what? raining just started to fall down. Actually the rain is not the problem. It is the fact you close all the windows, so it gets a bit warm inside. May be complained sometimes on the rain, but temperatures are actually very mild !! Lets see what tomorrow will bring............ Just check us again !!

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