Wednesday, August 13th 2003
The third golf day, our Golf Armageddon ..... :-)

Today we played the course in Klagenfurt Seltenheim. This is a real Championship Course with a combination from the old traditional Link Courses (Hills with deep rough and lots and lots of water hazards) and American style Fairways (strongly undulated) The Water hazards are ALWAYS around and every single hole has in some way or another water around..... Well, we wanted to play this challenge and found out that this course was one number too big for us ....... Just check below to find out why !

The course is beautifully arranged in the valley between Wolfnitz and Seltenheim, very nice and professional Clubhouse and a nice driving range. Yes, the world was still 100% OK !


This Par 72 course had 5900 meter on the scorecard. Again 200 meter more then the previous day.  When we thought yesterday was difficult, now we know that was relatively ok, haha! The fairways are extremely narrow and always the dunes with deep roughs at one side and water at the other. Specially the first time you play here, no clue how to attack or when to be cautious.... I started very nice with a Boogie, but then lost 7 balls at the next 3 holes, grrrrrrr....

Special attractions like the 8th hole with the island green, surrounded by water... The flight in front of us just played 5 balls in the water. I was lucky enough to play one of the very few pars here.......

We had to do a lot of waiting, as the flight in front of us played EXTREMELY slow and "forgot" to let us pass. Thank G.. that they stopped playing after 9 holes. Now we could speed up a bit

This course was really one who lead us through all sorts of Golfers Emotions.... Some times great shots, immediately followed by a lost ball in the rough or the water. It was not easy to control temper and keep concentrated. This Course had us really in her GRIP !!! But the images proof, we kept SMILING !!! But believe me, at some points I could break my club in two pieces, haha !

A few good examples of how hard the holes are presenting itself from the Tee.... Very hard to choose the right tactic !!!


Occasionally we had some nice shots as well......

..... immediately punished by all the hazards.......

Yes, found Water again..... "Drop and Shot" was my Motto today.....


Finally the relieve of the 18th hole, our Armageddon was about to end..... Just look at this again, where to place your ball in heavens name??? Well we took a deep breath, took the last ZIP of concentration and Erik played a great PAR and I managed a Boogie, so after all it all came to tactic and concentration.....
What's new, eh?

Our most favorite hole again ....... the 19th, Finally finding some shadow. Today was the hottest day in Austria since they measure (39 degrees). The question is of course: "Why need this to be NOW, when we play this course? "  :-)


Make SURE not to miss our LEADER BOARD !!!!
(and find out who's leading :-)
(I am afraid I know already... )
(and see things were not THAT bad ...... )


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